I think that subsequently only large studios and squidguild members will remain there" I didn't checked it for a while (around a year) but comparatively Cgtrader has a much more streamlined upload system compared to Turbosquid's. I believe this would solve the 'bad content mixed with the quality models' problem. There are very few modelers out there who can actually support themselves financially doing this and whenever one of us sells anything it is a little like winning the lottery. Due to its royalty politic and complex registration process, I've finally stopped selling 3D models on TS. Having too many high poly models in 1 scene can considerably slow down rendering times, work flow and even crash your computer making the entire scene unusable. If a company like Disney or NASA buys a model at TS, they advertise it as "Turbosquid customers buying Turbosquid models". We will rather stick with cgtrader and know our models are safe, although the issue with finding CG models on the site is a little problem, but as long as they stay honest well be supporting them rather than supporting a bunch of thiefs and if we need to up our prices then so be it. Also, trying to find an item that I already saw through the search is near impossible. The conclusion seems, that clients are either more familiar with Tsquid, or that TSquid offers something else that is so valuable that even a much lower price doesn't matter. - Limiting, perhaps, the number of objects that can be uploaded in a row, to avoid having the front page confiscated by a single seller when ticking the "newest" filter. Agree with every word. TurboSquid be avoided guys! Because of its design and trade/royalty system, CGTrader seems better and more advantageous, but at the end of the day, I get much more income from Turbosquid and The3Dstudio. The title says it all!1. (I'm aware this involves many aspects) Get this item for $ when you bundle it with the items in your cart. I remember that too! In 2020, I've opened a CGT account and start selling interesting 3D Models. Sales site defending exclusivity trying to find ways to seduce (like the famous CheckMate) but this has no return. @interate CGI . TS going down. In my experience often times a client will ask for certain models but then one must take into consideration what computer specs they have because you don't want your client to get frustrated with the models you buy. There is a lamp that looks pretty cool (Gervasoni Bolla Floor light), and is supposedly free. I agree with Captainmarlowe than one of the most important ideas to develop is more "education" for Sellers about all aspects involved in this business, and some kind of system that favors good and fair business practices and penalizes bad ones. i guess both have different orientationone is cg and one is 3d printing oriented. I also think, as iterateCGI, the market control based on exclusivity will soon disappear. I removed the download limit until we update the protection so that buyers can download much larger quantities of free models. I got a bunch of scanned statues sold for 3D printing, some sci-fi characters that are obviously copyright infringements because made from movie licences, and, at the best, less than 1/2 of original characters models, many of them not being displayed because of "adult content". Welcome to Eduvance Youtube Channel.Technology Leadership Program lecture series focuses on imparting knowledge to school students about new technologies lik. Does anyone sale something on Cgtrader?where are customers. Some people mistaken de renders for real items already, can imagine how that would be on Ebay or amazon. Thanks for sharing Your experience and thoughts. If CGT would manage to draw more buyers from TS then even more sellers would migrate here. Open a Support Ticket, Licensing questions?Contact your Shutterstock Customer Success Manager. Then came price guarantee on Ts and now I had a problem, the part I was now successfully serving on CGt I would not want to risk losing back to Ts, nor would I want to lose those few that kept buying my higher priced models there. However, the behavior of these clients kept me thinking and I had some dilemmas about what was actually going on here. Best of luck to cg trader, they have a great business model and site, it is just going to be incredibly difficult to take any of the market share from such a well established company. Honestly I feel that it would be better to sell n bit slower that to have your models stolen. Some may post their old stuff they just don't want to ask money for, consequentially it is also not representative of the work they currently do. I hope it goes well for cgtrader i really like this page :-). TS has more sales because : Escorts jaipur In response he founded this place on the core principal that the artist would come first. --GENERAL--. ! Thanks for dropping by and great news about an eventual homepage re-design. Payout fees are just fractions of percent, not worth to consider. i have sold it to millenium shipping containers amongst other professional business. If a model you like does not have a suitable file format, be sure to see whether the designer offers free file conversions for the model. @limonadinis I tested the CGTrader rigged character morphs for Daz3D studio from your commission and it works like a charm! I used to hate how it would crash constantly or find that half way through the process even after saving a draft,suddenly the poly count numbers or other text, numbers etc suddenly got erased. This place is indeed different and allot closer to what we actually need, I can't imagine the core principal on witch this place is founded would change as it will prove to be the one and only way to be future proof in this supper connected world. They recently changed their search engine over there and when you search for Free models it comes up with a few free ones and many more paid ones so from that perspective Turbosquid makes your life even harder lol. I've often (not just at this site) downloaded "free" items to verify their quality before purchasing models from a vendorI had problems with 3-4 of the "free" items I looked at first here (having no idea there was a limit), and now I can download no more. The staff on CG Trader seem to be very active and listen to ideas from the community, so I will try to find time and post some ideas on how the problem could be solved. Often offer to buy the models in 1020 times more expensive than the price at which the model was exhibited for sale. I like the concept of CGtrader very much, hope to see the duality issues resolved. Marius Kalytis (founder of this place) was a 3D artist himself and took notice of the questionable policy's the established market had adopted (leaving room to do it differently). Very soon there will be robots that can scan objects faster than any modeler can model them and then reproduce a print almost instantly in 10 to 30 years 3D jobs will be irrelevant but until then someone needs to really bring CGtrader to the big markets. Turbosquid is butt ugly and greedy, I hope when CG gets bigger than TS, they don't end up the same way. There are indeed some snags in data management and the sorting out system. 3. I am new starter here. If it is true that other sites are taking a higher margin and a larger slice of profit share, they have some kind of capital to work magic with, both with artists who are accepting less and buyers who are paying more. This use is prohibited if the virtual world-type is an open MMO, like Second Life. Needed something better and found it at CGt. I can't imagine that competing sellers would go for such things as you described, but who knows, there are plenty nuts all around :]. I am going to start a list to promote artists who are making great models but just aren't getting the views. And it is convenient for the buyer and profitable for the seller. Then we're all back at Square one again. When I asked why they don' want pay for that they have suspended my products ( 428) products they did not say anything after. Some while ago someone (if he is real, can't even verify that) bought my snakebot model on Ts and he posted a nice comment. with the recent requirements to upload a 3D product on TS, CGT became my number one no doubt, i'm not gonna wast half my life rendering turntables that wouldn't make much of a difference when every seller is doing the same thing. CGtrader is founded upon the best ideas and the people hoe believe in it and keep supporting it no matter what and hard work and determination always win. I don't get paid until the 3rd, but I thought I'd download some things, look at their quality, fill up a cart and get prepared to purchase when the money comes around. (this would be the core of the human sorting out system). 60% cut could be ok if that cost could be added to the product but price guarantee makes that impossible. By registering you confirm that you have read and accept ourTerms of Use. Ts went head on and contacted me (I was probably among list of targeted folks at that time, Ts previously also contacted me to make some shady deals which I rejected), now they requested me to lower my prices according to new price grantee model. Since you havent contacted us about any of these changes being incorrect, we are resetting prices on these models one final time (see the attached CSV file listing these models). Respect and good luck to everyone who is here! CGtrader website is much bather coded and it just need some time to get on top. They lie about your rights on Turbosquid. So it is, but it's a matter of time and CGTrader will be able to master these positions. So here on CGt I could have just asked the buyer if he would be interested in that sort of deal. They often would ask me to just send them a model through email and pay me through paypal like in the old days. A: TurboS*swearword-here* will start to DOWNTICK PRICES to match them to "other selling sites" on customer complaint, so I will remove every model they demand for down-adjustment, and I'm sure I won't be alone in this. (Edge Do not forget to check out rigged vehicles, guns and other objects, including environments, in addition to rigged characters to increase the control and interactivity you can achieve in your project. Care to share your time machine? Is it the return guarantee if not satisfied? An important factor for many buyers is the possibility of cash transactions in the system WebMoney. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/exterior/landmark/notre-dame-de-paris-cathedral-61d97afb1b1a62861673c23f15b75c12, All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. - Are you interested in just some quick cash grabs and extras here and there while you can, or would you like to be able to contribute to a fair market where you can make a living out of your passion? If you continue to price your models higher on TurboSquid, you will will not be able to publish your content on TurboSquid, and we will temporarily take your current models offline. As every site takes a small cut from the sales of a model. Maybe they think Ts provides almost same model but its just better, etc. CGTrader just doesn't have the exposure it needs yet to top Turbosquid but I am confident it will surpass it in time because of the quality of it's products but word of mouth is key in this business and people need to be talking more about them. While sellers will be disadvantaged in many interests. Like when something breaks that is no longer in production like your favorite mug or something. CGtrader might have better conditions, rules and everything but it's useless if it doesn't attract more buyers. How about Negotiated price? Comment goo's like this, quote "Awesome model, converted this guy over into maya and he looks great" end quote. You don't even seem to get reputation points for purchasing items, assuming I've read the page correctly, and if that is the case it's just dumb. So in this case you could say we are the asses and there's lots of us so we form a huge ass and CGt can place many chairs for us to sit on ;-) A shitstorm war is going on between the "Wisdom" brothers & their Top $ Corporate Investors against Marius' CGtrader, who is leading the inclusive people that don't dance to the song of dangling shiny coins in front of their eyes just for the time being and the now. They also have multiple sellers selling the same products so that it is easier for people to avoid people paying for shipping in their country. I removed all products from TS. ", then there is little one can do but wait out the rebalancing. for someone that is a little more unique. I would expect those kinds of charges from a real art gallery with real world space that could sell my work for 10,000 a pop, not some virtual space that sells my work for 50 bucks. taken offline. You could say CGt is a service platform that harbors and connects sellers and buyers of specific digital goods, in theory there's no limit to how much people and their digital products/services they could connect. Its great way to compete and fair . That is the most important reason for them to be on CGtrader and it is essential to reward them for helping artist and the site earn money. found jet another working example that makes CGt stand out. Cgtrader cannot compare to certain 3d markets. CGTrader remains a young and very responsive team and listening to members - it's a great quality. If you think life is hard as a buyer you should try modeling for a living Making any money is a truly miserable experience. This would be a really good way of encouraging buyers to come spend their money on CGtrader where they can find what they want faster than on other sites. Hopefully that would make squids to react. But I think that CheckMate was especially created to bring artists to exclusivity, rather than promote quality. We initially did the 3D printing focused homepage after noticing that CG customers skip the homepage and come directly to product page, mostly knowing exactly what they need for their projects, while 3D printing customers need more direction and inspiration, so that even non-professionals can discover this new industry. Beautifully put IterateCGI, let's hope it is signal for more than just Tubro's downfall, but hopefully the downfall of treating 3D creators like shit. I'm really happy to see CGTrader growing. And if the buyer sees one and the same model on CGT and on TS, then the price will choose on CGTrader We've been there, even being "Squid Guild exclusive" for some time to test the experience ourselves for real, and after more than 10 years with all our experiences and stats in hand we can state without a doubt that the business model offered by Turbosquid doesn't pay off in the mid-long term. This would allow genuine potential buyers to check the quality of models. You can change your subscription preferences at any time in the account settings. We can help here by simple putting the links to our work on our social media. If you have any questions about these. After all everyone can afford to put down 1 dollar so it is reasonable. there is low quality traffic on cgtrader and also became too much focused on 3d printing models so gets affordable if u have many low quality printable models of cheap prices. @tomislavveg, on the one hand i agree with you about that, but on the other hand if i would be looking for models i would almost certainly choose TS as my first choice and most likely as a last one before buying. @Supercigale, this is worrying to read, i think such things shouldn't happen. Payment Method We are writing to inform you that we are taking your content offline for 60 days as you have continued to change your prices to be higher on TurboSquid. ", Exactly, no one knows the model better than the one who made this model. I will very much want to peruse. That's just an easy question to answer 1. [http://www.google.com|google11] A battle is going on right now, and some top sellers are going full #SquidClan with a custom deal from the Wisdoms: a 5-6 digit $ amount in instant cash now as an advance of a 2 year exclusivity deal, plus a boost of their royalties at the expense of all the other "non-top" sellers at Turbosquid that won't be getting any offer from Matt Wisdom. The more people ho place your item in their stores the higher your ranking for that product gets "in the pool that is". Anybody else suffered the same blows to their sales in the same months as the web updates? Site issues? [quote]2. Every vendor who is exclusive is losing money and customers. And saying only nice words won't help them much. I guess CGTrader should send out advertising to the companies, but I'm sure they are doing/done it already. In response to your comments kanga, I would like to add this to the conversation. You have insufficient credit to complete your purchase. And also because of the complete isolation of the seller-buyer. My opinions have evoluted over the months. Advertising? "don't you think that corporate client would rather choose to get support from team of profesionals that are available 24/7, than from unknown person, who might respond with big delay or not respon at all?". It is currently selling on the of TS is much higher than on CGT. We will only contact you if there's a problem with an order. In other countries like China film production is far better funded so perhaps CGTrader could try opening it's doors to Hong Kong film studios etc Japan is also far better funded and in fact Turbosquid is also selling models on the Japanese market. CGTrader. Rigged 3D Models | CGTrader 3D Models Buy or download free Rigged 3D Models Rigged 3D models are your best choice when you need a character or object to perform unique movements. Imagine how much resorces and efforts are used by those clowns for this greedy Best price quality nonsense. But if you are on Turbosquid as an exclusive sale (models will be sold only on the website TurboSquid), Cgtrader can lose and this position, in favor of TS ;). I can see how 3D modeling and 3D printing can be connected, but even that has to have a clear border for the customer. The designers make a deal with each other and negotiate a percentage on the sales. So what I did was simply adding the 60% cut to the product on Ts. What, iterateCGI goos down? Hi from Will and Mr Data :) :] My current store on CGTrader includes numerous items that were deemed to be infringing upon GW IP (link below). Of course, as CGT reputation grows, this may change in the future (CGTrader has already beaten The3Dstudio in terms of statistics, but you also have to take into account that there are certainly a very significant amount of people coming here for 3D-printing only, which decreases the statistics in terms of regular CG models). About TS: The system would make a seller more responsible and promote a culture of diversification (in theory). Every market needs time, every business needs it. Thanks again guys, and let us know if you have any further comments or questions. Putting 3D printing as the main product range on first page doesn't help, as has been noted. Currently on a tight budget, would lose a substantial cut to pay for software licenses and hardware. From moment I have enough things to sell here, I would come clean with myself and close my TS account with great pleasure. To my amazement something ells also happened, there where still a few people buying my more expensive models on Ts. To me it feels like he is amongst us and we are performing a team effort. the only advantages in cgtrader are the big rates for clients. CG trader is the first helpfull professional website I've seen in 20 years. When someone uploads a scanned model for 3D printing and tags it as "low poly", the model will appear even where it shouldn't. - Forcing people to choose a proper tagging to their objects so that we don't get scanned high poly print-ready objects in the way when we tick the "low-poly" filter, Toys (212) Buy or download free 3D models for your CG projects, film and video production, animation, visualizations, games, VR/AR, and others. TurboSquid has stopped working in WM and lost some buyers in the middle East countries and Asia. But at the same time they require all rights to the model, and the model is removed from sale at all sites. Just uploading on turbosquid is a pain in the butt. Fantasy is a bit better, but sic-fi gets me 10 copyright infringements on the first page alone (star wars characters, mainly). If CGtrader's advertisement budget is a problem, a Crowdfunding round may help. So my own experience on sales is of little value. Hello. 60% is an insult. Also, trying to find an item that I already saw through the search is near impossible. I see no point in closing when you might as well keep it open and get a couple sales. So even if TS takes 60%, I still make better profit there because here I get 94% of nothing. Turbosquid is basically a pyramid scheme for the most part unless you are established and have been in the top rank for many years. in the name of freedom expression of the buyer (???). Imagine how much easier it would be for a games company to do a search by typing in (sword, 15 dollars and then 500 polygons. Closed my Ts account because it was completely useless and obsolete. But I will look there only because I know what is cgtrader and how it works. CGTrader has the better platform from my point of view, better rates if i remember correct. They said fraud protection is only reserved for exclusive sellers. https://www.fiverr.com/pixel512/create-a-3d-model-shipping-container Personally, I felt I in no way infringed on said IP. Hopefully we can find a way that would plrase all sides. Contact your Shutterstock Customer Success Manager, + blend c4d xsi ma lwo 3ds dae dxf fbx obj X, + c4d unitypackage upk max ma c4d max ma fbx max, $10,000 in Legal Protection (Indemnification), Uncapped Legal Protection (Indemnification), $1,000,000 in Legal Protection (Indemnification), $250,000 in Legal Protection (Indemnification). I don't know how reputation points work for sellers, they may work fine if you're an actual modeler, but for end-users it's just a dead-end. They don't allow you to communicate with the customer, with Turbosquid support acting as a "human firewall" (and a bad one) that is constantly supervising every interaction to ensure that Turbosquid always gets the best outcome (and neither the seller nor the customer). I remember fighting them at length to try to put my brand name withing the model description or my website link and eventually lost the battle. I'm not a modeler, I come here to buy models and this site is surprisingly obtuse when it comes to layout. @IndieArt : So you definitively think that CGtrader's "change of focus" to 3D print sunk your sales? I agree to what captainmarlowe is telling. The motivation to backlink and make marketing efforts for the own store (and the collective trademark ad the same time) would probable also increase. In my personal opinion TS is working very hard towards buyers and exploits sellers as much as they can, well except few chosen ones, while CGT is taking great care about sellers, but leaving buyers somewhat aside. There are currently no models in your cart. I don't think it's possible to have WORKING site with both 3d printing and classic models. @ Supercigaleha, ha, a good point about ,,the famous CheckMate,, :) TS . I was victim of that there a few months ago, I had a bad rating when the model have never had a problem during many years. And yes .. "CG Trader has made their world about 3d printing". Maybe some people don't want to bother about different programs compatibility, while others don't mind to spent time configuring things in different applications. If you have any questions about these. When pressed, Turbosquid could give no clearer specification than "it is too similar". Chat with Support 24/7 My friend didn't get any support. CGtrader is everything Ts is not, CGtader is fair, its open and communicative in all directions, its an inexpensive service, its new and more efficient, has lots of exiting tools, have more sales and get to keep bigger part, its growing fast, its updating and improving fast, etc, etc,. He bought a cheap product (with a fake account) and post a bad rating. Here only I have doubts it would be fair to do do is a difference of 20..25% in the price of its models, which are intended for sale in the CGT and TS? [a=http://www.google.com] google6[/a] That's what I'm saying all the time and what I didn't like because I was not selling models for 3d printing and reason why I left. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas, Thank you for shopping at TurboSquid. If you manage to get lots of buyers on there you could make a real fortune. I know I personally would be Heh.. that's another topic but my top selling model is nude. We are looking for contributors. adentonclark is 100 percent correct in this regard! (e.g. We even stopped publishing new models there. just needs more publicity.. us designers need to market the site with our products at the rate one of my designs is going ill have more facebook likes/shares than the website itself has on one design napa valley passport 2022,